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To optimise energy needs and the comfort of occupants, we can today deploy building-integrated photovoltaic technologies (BIPV) and dynamic glass solutions. As part of our R&D roadmap, we are working on new technologies that will soon transform the role of the building’s envelope.

Giving energy production capability to any surface

Because the roll-out of near-zero-energy buildings (nZEBs) requires in-situ energy generation, we propose a vast range of active photovoltaic solutions that can be integrated into buildings. We offer numerous possibilities in terms of aesthetic finishes to ensure highest level of architectural integration.

Tailored solutions

TAILORED SOLUTIONS Tailored photovoltaic solutions offer an unlimited choice of aesthetic finishes (coloured glass, coloured interlayers, digital printing, silkscreen printing), with varied forms and dimensions.


The semi-tailored range (standard dimensions with choice of colours) allows the use of photovoltaic elements on façades and cladding systems, at optimal pricing.


Semi-transparent photovoltaic materials are also available, offering different degrees of light transmission. They are especially adapted for skylights, curtain walls, or windows.

Many surfaces on a building’s envelope can be leveraged to produce energy.


Curtain or double-skin walls

Roofs and glass structures

Façade accessories




Custom design

The technologies used allow great flexibility in terms of colour and finish of materials to tackle the architectural and aesthetic challenges of each project. The façade can generate electricity, the installed power finances the facade.

Improving comfort while reducing energy needs

When comfort goes hand in hand with asset value enhancement and energy savings.


Dynamic glass solutions allow daylight to come in, while reducing glare and heat transfer for the highest level of comfort of occupants. The glass tint level is optimized according to the external conditions and settings.

Energy efficiency

Dynamic glass enables optimisation of energy needs by regulating sunlight allowed in. Reductions of 20% to 30% in cooling demands can be achieved.

For a simplified deployment of dynamic glass solutions, the Horizon Dynamic® window - the first smart, autonomous and connected solar window - eliminates all cabling works.

And much more…

We believe that only an holistic approach can create value. As such, beyond systems that can be integrated in the envelope, we are working on energy storage, systems maintenance, and optimisation of energy needs.

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