As part of our “ready-to-install” solutions, the Horizon range of semi-transparent laminated glass offers a wide range of customisation options for elegant integration of the photovoltaic material into the building envelope.

Combining transparency and energy production

The Horizon product line combines transparency and energy, especially with our perforated cells, which add elegance to integration.

Unlike many photovoltaic modules that use EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) as an encapsulant, we use PVB (Vinyl Polybutyral), a material traditionally used for laminated safety glass for its strength and durability.

Our photovoltaic glazing complies with the “Laminated safety glass” standards (in particular EN ISO12543, 14449 and 12600).

A wide range for elegant integrations in canopies, curtain walls, railings…

In its dimensions:

Our solutions are available in different standard sizes

In the cell type :

As the photovoltaic material is visible, it is however possible to use different types of cells for different aesthetic results, from left to right and from top to bottom: Classic mono-Si, perforated, Stone, Green, Pink, Blue, Gold, Metallic, Forrest, Steel, Lavender, Brown.

In glazing compositions:

Our solutions can be supplied in single, double or even triple glazing (from left to right). High performance coatings s as well as interlayers with high acoustic performance or anti-intrusion properties can be used in the assembly of the glazing to reinforce the intrinsic characteristics of the photovoltaic glazing.

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