In our offer of “ready-to-install” solutions, our Design Color product line offers a wide choice of dimensions, colours and aesthetic renderings to turn any opaque surface of the envelope into an energy production hub.

Combining aesthetics and unmatched photovoltaic power

We capitalise on screen or digital printing technology to obtain matt colours. For metallic colours, an exclusive and unique photonic colour technology, combining aesthetics and unequalled power is used. For applications in spandrels, ventilated facades, sunscreens, railings and even urban furniture, our colour palette enables us to meet a variety of aesthetic and architectural expectations.

An extensive range for a subtle signature of your facades

In its dimensions

Our solutions are available in different standard sizes

In its colours

The colour palette consists of (left to right): black, anthracite, grey, light grey, gold, blue, green and terra cotta.

In its finishes

You can choose between a matt or metallic finish (here with our gold colour).



In its surface rendering

You are also free to choose the surface finish of the front glass from among the 4 options: shiny, glossu, gritty and coarse.





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