In our offer of “ready-to-install” solutions, for optimum performance combined with a discreet photovoltaic signature, our Design Black product line offers a wide choice of dimensions and aesthetic finishes.

Combining the elegance of black and photovoltaic power

The black design product line enables integrated photovoltaics with elegance in facades, roofs, railings and balconies, brises-soleil etc.

This range is available in different finishes, from a discreet photovoltaic signature (black option) to a complete concealment of photovoltaics (full black premium option).

The black design product lines allows obtaining optimal powers: the photovoltaic cells, covered by ultra-clear tempered glass, receive almost all of the solar energy.

An extensive range for a smart signature of your facades

In its dimensions

Our solutions are available in different standard sizes

In its aesthetic options:

The ribbons and the connecting bus bars can be left visible, in silver colour (black design), partially (full black design) or completely concealed (full black premium design) thanks to a special treatment to give a homogeneous black colour.

Design black

Design full black

Design full black premium

In its surface finish:

You are also free to choose the surface finish of the front glass from among the 4 options: shiny, glossy, gritty and coarse.





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