In addition to our multidisciplinary engineering and a perfect mastery of the photovoltaic material, we also pay particular attention to the integration systems, installation methodologies and coordination of contractors during the construction stage in order to ensure a “seamless” and successful implementation of this active envelope.

Use traditional methodologies and systems

The fundamental principle of our BIPV solutions is to replace “passive” materials traditionally used in the building envelope. To encourage this approach among clients and designers, but also to facilitate the installation by facade specialists, it is necessary to use the same integration systems as for these traditional envelope materials.

For example, for a deployment of our photovoltaic modules from Design Black and Design Color on ventilated opaque facades, we have formed a patnership with Labelfaçade® and their V-Clip® certified system.

The V-Clip® integration system from Labelfaçade® is a proven solution in cladding systems, capitalising on 30 years of experience in the support of mineral cladding.

The ActivSkeen & V-Clip® photovoltaic cladding system can be installed like a conventional cladding on a ventilated facade thanks to:

A primary framework with vertical rails

A secondary framework with horizontal rails

Cable trays in the air gap for the passage of connectors

V-Clips ® spring clips

Photovoltaic modules Design Black or Design Color

Assistance up to the start-up of the installation

For a qualitative and “seamless” realisation, we also offer our customers an installation engineering for:

Designing the implementation of solutions:
     – Choice of technologies,
     – Mix of materials
     – Layout plans
     – Quantities and budgets
Sizing integration systems and electrical architecture
     – Frame plans, definition of fixings (e.g. in the case of a ventilated facade)
     – Wiring plans
     – Technical specifications
     – Interactions with building systems (energy management, BMS etc.)
Supervising the installation until commissioning
     – Monitoring and reporting
     – Tests and commissioning
     – Installation start-up
     – As-built documents

Example of a implementation design study of coloured photovoltaic modules on an existing facade