In addition to producing local and decarbonated energy, our photovoltaic solutions, and in particular our semi-transparent Horizon solution, make it possible to improve lighting indoor comfort. We assist you in the design of these integrations for complete interior well-being.

A tailor-made design for optimum comfort

For glazed applications (glazing, skylights, curtain walls, etc.), optimal lighting comfort can be requested in particular in environmental certifications, which ensure that beyond a high-performance, energy-efficient building, its occupants feel comfortable indoors.

In the case of lighting indoor comfort inside, it is finding the right balance between:

  • Collecting enough daylight, for example, to work without artificial lighting, and
  • Not to be glared, which would generate discomfort

Thanks to our advanced simulation software and our capability to provide tailor-made solutions, we are able to design photovoltaic glazing inside which cells density and cells layout allow us to achieve this optimal light comfort. In fact, when judiciously positioned, the photovoltaic cells will not only produce electricity, but also act as thousands of mini brise-soleil.

Our different tools used for the simulations:

\ 3D modelling: Rhino 3D

\ Daylight analysis and sun protection: DIVA, DL-Light

Spatial Light Autonomy Analysis (sDA)

Daylight Factor Analysis (DF)