In addition to giving energy production capability to any surface, our solutions make it possible not only to improve the comfort of the occupants but also to reduce energy needs. We are able to study, quantify and optimise these benefits.

Optimising building energy performance

The avantages of our solutions are numerous, but from an energy point of view, the two main benefits are:

  • The production of local renewable energy, stimulating the emergence of near zero energy buildings. In some projects our solutions have been able to cover up to 100% of the electricity needs.
  • The reduction of energy needs (especially when implementing our Horizon solutions) for air conditioning and lighting. In skylight projects, up to 25% of air conditioning loads can be eliminated.

These benefits can be assessed and above all optimised in the energy balance at early stages of the project using dynamic energy simulations. These studies also allow us to clear the concordance between uses, consumption and production up in order to quantify the ratio of self-consumption and self-production.

Our different tools used for the simulations:

\ 3D modelling: Rhino 3D

\  Photovoltaic production: Ladybug, Honeybee

\  Daylight analysis and sun protection: DIVA

\  Energy simulation: Archsim, Design Builder