Ertex Solar’s design colour range offers a wide choice of sizes, colours and aesthetic finishes to make any surface of the building envelope opaque for energy production.

Ertex Solar capitalises on screen or digital printing technologies to obtain matt colours. For metallic colours an exclusive technology owned by Ertex Solar is used, combining aesthetics and unequalled power. In fact, a well oriented 1m² façade can meet the regulatory requirements of 3m² of office space.

From anthracite, gold, terra cotta to blue, in matt or metallic, with a glossy, satin, textured or structured surface finish, we are sure to have the right answer to your architectural ambitions.

The design colour range is part of the Ertex Solar VSG/ISO product line, which more generally includes laminated photovoltaic safety glass, in particular the horizon, black and unik design ranges.

You can download our solutions brochure via the form on this page.

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