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Thursday, June 18, 2020

An unmatched color palette combining aesthetics and power

Ertex Solar design color product line offers a wide choice of dimensions, colors and aesthetic renderings to turn any opaque surface of the envelope into an energy production hub.

Ertex Solar capitalizes on screen or digital printing technologies to obtain matt colors. For metallic colors an exclusive color technology, combining aesthetics and  unequaled power, is used. Well oriented, this m² of facade can indeed supply enough electricity to cover the regulated needs of 3 m² of office surface.


In anthracite, gold, terra cotta, even in blue, in solid or metallic grade, with a shiny, glossy, gritty or coarse finish, we certainly have the right answer to your architectural needs.

The design color product line is part of ertex solar VSG product range that encompasses laminated safety PV Glass, among others, horizon, design black and unik product lines.

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