We offer the project owner an “à la carte” or turnkey intervention, as assistance to the project owner or as a single pilot for an “Active Envelope” batch. In this way, we can intervene in specific phases such as programme definition, design and supply of active elements, engineering (photovoltaic, electrical, energy, comfort studies) or propose an integrated offer going as far as the installation and commissioning of the installations.

Support for the deployment of your environmental strategy

If the decarbonisation of your building or property stock is a major issue in your strategy, then our solutions and offers can meet your needs, both for new construction and renovation.

In fact, our know-how has already made it possible to cover up to 100% of the building’s electrical needs on some projects thanks to the production of local, decarbonated energy, but also to improve the comfort of occupants by preventing glare and limiting solar inputs, and all this with a zero land footprint.

The photovoltaic envelope is of course not an all-purpose solution, since its suitability will depend in particular on the orientation of the building and the close shading from the surroundings. Nevertheless, considering its potential, both from aesthetically and from an energy point of view, should be widely disseminated to help reduce energy footprint of the building.

In addition to a one-off basis project-by-project assistance and to facilitate the dissemination of the integration process by your teams, we can build up your own catalogue of best practices and solutions, tailor-made to your environmental ambitions, your business lines and your assets.

Multidisciplinary project management assistance

Convinced that a holistic and resolutely multidisciplinary approach is essential for successful integration, our specialists have a thorough knowledge of the materials deployed, and a deep understanding of energy modelling, labels and norms, photovoltaic and electrical systems, facade and installation solutions..

A la carte or turnkey, we support you through each stage of your project, from the first sketch to the commissioning of systems. We thereby offer an unique one-stop service, simplifying the interfaces between disciplines that typically operate as silos.

Focus on the Audi Brand Experience Center

The guiding principle of the German car manufacturer AUDI is “Vorsprung durch Technik” which means “progress through technology”. Since its founding in 1899, AUDI AG has been synonymous with sports cars, high-quality manufacturing and progressive design. When designing the fourth Brand Experience Center at Munich Airport, the company had precisely this direction in mind. The aim was to construct a modern, durable and comfortable building for employees and visitors of the brand. Once completed, the building is now the first at Munich Airport to generate its own electricity using building-integrated photovoltaics – a perfect example of AUDI’s pioneering spirit in technology. Audi’s Brand Experience Center has a futuristic look, the facades of the building cube consist of around 450m² of semi-transparent photovoltaic modules with more than 8650 solar cells that act as mini brises-soleil, controlling glare and the heat transmitted inside the building while producing decarbonised electricity.