We can supply facade specialists with the active elements to implement in their systems and assist them with engineering, installation and interfaces management.

Technical support from the invitation to tender

We work alongside you to propose the technical solution adapted to the project’s specifications and also complies with building construction and photovoltaic standards and norms.

We check the technical feasibility (ex DTU 39) and compatibility with the integration systems you are considering.

On the electrical side, we list the quantity of equipment required (cables, inverters, etc.) for the correct operation of the installation.

Cladding/Ventilated Facades

Unitized systems

Transom & mullion/Curtain walls

Point fixing & clamps

We can assist you with cable routing strategies and installation methods to facilitate the implementation.

During the construction stage, we can provide a supervision and coordination assistance to limit interfaces and ensure a seamless installation until the commissioning. If a product or system certification is required for the project, we can assist you in building up the technical file excepted to obtain it. During the operations prior to handover, we can also accompany you in the pre-start tests and we will help you to build up the As-builts drawings and documents.