We bring our full range of expertise to the design team in terms of advanced modelling, engineering, and integration of active elements in a building’s envelope. We define and design the active elements, evaluate the photovoltaic potential and/or energy performance of the building, size the electrical systems, define facade systems and interface active elements with the building’s management systems.

Enhance your abilities

The innovative aspect of active envelopes could lead to use engineering disciplines that are not directly within your field of competencies. Depending on existing skills, we can therefore provide you all or part of the following expertise:

  • Photovoltaic engineering
  • Building energy
  • Light comfort and solar protection
  • Facade engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Installation methodologies

Support you throughout the project

We support you right from the early project phases in building up the necessary documents for the design, procurement, construction and operation of photovoltaic systems.

This support can be manifold, from drawing up the design plans for the photovoltaic modules to assistance in building up the consultation documents, including drawing up the technical specifications for the equipment and materials and the works.

At each project’s stage, regulatory and normative constraints are taken into account in order to comply with the prerequisites imposed by the technical and safety control offices.