Meeting their architectural as well as their environmental ambitions is our unique mission when we assist Architects on their projects. Photovoltaic technology is not only dedicated to a roof application, it can also be integrated into the building envelope. Right from the sketch, we work with architects to develop the best active solution combining aesthetics, performance and reliability.

The first sketch is the right stage to think about PV integration!

The roof, essential part of the building envelope, is often the first scenario for PV integration. However, this roof can also be used for other purposes such as technical plants installation, creating user-friendly areas for occupants or developing biodiversity. Likewise, when building higher up, the rest of the envelope, i.e. the façades, represents a larger surface area than the roof.

The integration of photovoltaic elements into the envelope may therefore be relevant even necessary. This integration must be thought out at the design stage in order to ensure success, as the location, orientation and morphology of the building influence the performance of photovoltaic production. Our “SolarCheck” opportunity study enables architects to identify and optimise surfaces candidate for for the integration of photovoltaic solutions from the first sketch. Thanks to our advanced simulation tools and highly visual renderings (as you can see in the video on the right), we can quickly guide you through the design and aesthetics of the solution, even during competition phases!

In addition to global optimisations and simulations, we support the architects from the sketch phase to design solutions and systems that will comply with building construction and electrical photovoltaic standards and norms, thus avoiding any non-compliance situations in later phases of the project.

Designing and prototyping solutions

Whether you have a precise idea or you are starting from scratch, we can work together to imagine the solution that will meet your expectations, capitalising on our perfect knowledge of materials and technologies and our many references.

During initial discussions, we will make sure that we understand your needs and guide you towards technical and aesthetics feasibility. Following this step, we will be able to launch the manufacture of samples to validate both aesthetic and technical characteristics.

On the basis of the approved sample, we will be able to manufacture a full-size prototype for final validation of the concept and to allow you to design and specify in your project the solution you had imagined.

Enriching your material library

We can work with your teams to present the range of possibilities and enrich your material library with some of our samples.

Whether at an internal event, a webinar, an informal coffee, remotely or in your offices, we can make your teams aware of the technical issues of integration and give them the keys and guidelines to implement, to make your next active envelope project a success!