ActivSkeen’s mission is to support architects, developers, general contractors, and engineering teams to realize their vision and create the envelope of tomorrow’s building. We can either assist them on a one-off basis, or through their entire project for a seamless integration of active solutions, whether for new build or renovation work. We bring together all the stakeholders around a common goal – creating an active, innovative, aesthetic, and high-performance envelope, to meet today’s challenges of comfort and energy efficiency.


We assist our architect clients in identifying technical and aesthetic solutions to meet their needs, enriching their materials library, supporting them during competition procedures, designing and prototyping solutions. We evaluate the impact of architectural choices on the energy performance of the building, right from the first sketch.


We act as consultants for our developer clients when structuring their programmes, defining communication, sustainability and eco-labelling strategy. We support them to analyse different technical scenarios in terms of financial impact, brand image, or sustainability.

Engineering teams

We bring our full range of expertise to the design team in terms of advanced modelling, engineering, and integration of active elements in a building’s envelope. We define and design the active elements, evaluate the photovoltaic potential and/or energy performance of the building, size the electrical systems, define façade systems and interface active elements with the building’s management systems.

Main contractors

We propose tailored or turnkey solutions to main contractors, providing assistance as consultant or sub-contractor on the “Active Envelope” package. As such, we can step in on specific phases such as the design and supply of active elements (design and fabrication of BIPV modules, dynamic glass, etc.), engineering (photovoltaic, electric, energy producing), or propose a full-service offer through to installation, including commissioning.

Façade specialists

We can supply façade specialists with the active elements to implement in their systems and assist them with engineering, installation, and interface management.

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