Thanks to our global approach, our solutions and our unrivalled know-how, we transform the building envelope and urban infrastructures into an active surface, producing local and decarbonated energy, with no compromise on aesthetics.

An unique one-stop service

Convinced that value is created by taking a holistic view of the project, attaching equal importance to constructionchallenges as well as asset liffe management, our appraoch is therefore resolutely multi-disciplinary.

Our specialists have a thorough knowledge of the materials deployed, and a deep understanding of energy modelling, labels and norms, photovoltaic and electrical systems, facade and installation solutions.

A la carte or turnkey, we support our clients, architects, developers, main contractors and facade specialists, throughout their project, from the first sketch to the commissioning of systems. We thereby offer a one-stop service, simplifying the interfaces between disciplines that typically operate as silos.

Engineering and Consulting

  • Feasibility studies and preliminary designs
  • 3D modelling, irradiance and shading analysis
  • Photovoltaic production esimation
  • Solar protection strategy
  • Daylight analysis
  • Energy performance
  • Electrical system architectures
  • Envelope integration systems details
  • Plans, specifications
  • Budget, costs and bill of material

Materials and technologies

  • Technological watch
  • Research and development
  • Technologies selections
  • Samples
  • Mock-ups
  • Manufacturing & Procurement
  • Tests& certification, QA, QC

Installation and site monitoring

  • Suppliers selection and contracting
  • On-site supervision, follow-up and reporting
  • Active elements installation
  • Electrical systems installation
  • Monitoring systems installation
  • Commissioning and start-up of the installations
  • Operation/maintenance procedures
  • As-built drawings and documents
  • Follow-up post commissioning