Convinced that the building and its envelope are at the forefront of energy transition, the fight against climate change and the evolutions in our way of living and working, we created ActivSkeen.

We strive to bring the ideas of the visionaries of tomorrow to life, especially with our subsidiary Ertex Solar, a global specialist in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) for over 15 years,

Find out more about our ambition in the sections below:

Our purpose

Giving energy production capability to the envelope with photovoltaic solutions combining performance, reliability and aesthetics

Our Approach

An unique and global position for a complete photovoltaic envelope integration

Our know-how

Unrivalled experience and thorough knowledge of photovoltaic materials to meet all architectural expectations

Range of applications

Photovoltaic solutions which can replace various functions and applications of the building envelope


Find here the list of nominations and awards received and shared with Ertex Solar